Soul to Soul Connections

February 17, 2017

Soul to Soul Connections happen at the divine time orchestrated by the Universe and in my opinion planned long before we are in these earthly bodies… An aha moment, a spark of recognition, a knowing of that soul without a second thought.  These connections occur to help us on our journey here on Earth.  As said many times, it’s not about the destination but the journey.  Help always arrives at the appointed time.  One such connection happened for me way back when MySpace started up.  You never know how someone will find your blog, your photo or article you have written and make a connection.  Once I started my own MySpace I encountered many souls through my writing.  One soul was an instant connection, a knowing that we were kindred souls, that spark of recognition.. My soul knows your soul!  I was known as Dovey and she was known as Songbirdsings.  Both having a love of birds, and also of writing, the bond was sealed.  We gave each other support, love and encouragement to continue our artistry and our writings.  It is always amazing to me how from across long distance, one can KNOW another and feel content that the union is heavenly orchestrated.   She would share my work and I would share her work.  We always stayed in contact and even if we didn’t chat regularly, our hearts knew we were always in communication.Then along came Facebook and we continued our relationship there, sharing our thoughts, chatting when we felt guided to and continuing to give each support, kudos and hand holding when needed.  She was there for me when I had my temporary journey with breast cancer; sending her love, energy and encouragement.  We always just KNEW when the other needed some extra tlc.  A favorite photo of mine is when she thought of me miles away on a Florida beach and drew my nickname in the sand and sent it.  It was the very thing I needed that day…she somehow knew.  How was it that we never met face to face yet still somehow felt as if we had?  I always felt that we would indeed meet.  Then along comes life, a journey not expected by her nor myself. The dreaded C word.   It was her turn to experience the cancer but in a much bigger way.  By the time it was found, it had spread from the Pancreas to other organs of the body.  WE asked me to reshare my own journey and how I chose natural treatments after my mastectomy.  I provided all that I knew and did, hoping for a miracle and that it would somehow bring her to a healthy state.  God though had another plan.  God decided that she was needed on the other side to continue her work in helping others to heal, to have her songbird wings and travel the cosmos.   Although my heart hurts so deep, and I so wish she was still on this Earth, her earthly journey ended February 16, 2017.   had prayed, envisioned healing for her and saw myself sitting by her side; I KNOW she knew I was there!  WE never did get to have that face to face meeting; it wasn’t meant to be.   But knowing she is one of my angels continuing to guide me on my own earthly journey, guiding her own loved ones, and helping so many more, brings me peace with this and the love continues, the friendship shall always remain, and I smile at the thought of her wings carrying her across the Universe, landing where needed and sent by God.  Thank you Songbirdsings for everything you gave to me and others, unselfishly and with unconditional love.  I will do my very best to carry on my work here knowing your soul lives on guiding and loving me from your new home.  Sabrina my friend, my kindred soul, I love you deeply and forever……

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