I do this for me


I do this for me
It’s not about you
Or them or us
Simply me
What would be the point in changing for you
I accept you for you
Please accept me for me
The movement I feel is the soul talking
About what I agreed to do in this life
You may be part of it
You may even last a lifetime
You may last a day
Your moving on doesn’t change me
Nor me moving on doesn’t change you
We each walk our path
Separate and alone
Perhaps carrying memories
If pain is involved, it’s a choice
But don’t carry around what isn’t yours
Just give it back to whom it belongs
Lighten your backpack
It is full already of your lessons
Your life, your stories
Say goodbye with a smile
And a heartfelt thanks
And simply keep moving forward
Perhaps adding a dance to your step
We are only here for a little while
How do you wish to proceed

Pamela Sears