Running on Empty

Running on Empty

Of all the things that I totally dislike to do, having to stop to get gas in my car ranks one of the highest.

For years I have always had stress seeing the fuel tank start to get low because it means I Have to stop and fill up.  Why do I have such anxiety about that?

As always in my life, things have to hit me upside the head to get the message (Taking a deep breath along with a sigh).   As always signs had been popping up and although I knew they were signs, I chose to bury my head in the sand.  That was until I saw the license plate BLUWOLF cruise past me.  It took me back to a memory I had from 2004.  A channeled message to me from a person named Bluwolf about burning the candle at both ends.  A reminder that in order to keep doing what I love as a healer, I must take the proper rest and recharge my batteries.  I chose to re read that message.  Glad I did!

As I pulled into the gas station, still moaning and groaning about having to stop, it really did hit me.  In my life in most instances, I really don’t want to take the time to stop rest and “refuel” my own inner gas tank.  When a car doesn’t stop and refuel, the engine stops and the car won’t go anywhere.  That’s how the body reacts as well.  No fuel, the body stops.    I then understood my annoyance at having to stop and get gas. 

This week was the week I had to re evaluate, take a step back, spend some down time; refueling, recharging my body, mind and soul in order to keep walking my journey as rested and charged up as possible.  Damn I sure do get mad at myself when I don’t follow my own advice that I give to my clients.

Another one of those “life lessons” in listening to our own bodies and the guidance the Universe provides in reminders.  The rest was so helpful and gave me time to meditate, reflect and realize some things that I hadn’t been seeing before.  Another one of those “aha” moments.  Okay Universe I get it.  I truly get.

Okay next lesson please?  Haha!