Journey through Cancer and doing it MY way…

No one ever expects that call to come, especially not me,
the hospice worker, who takes care of those who are terminally ill from cancer
and other illnesses.  I’m a healer, I
help others, I bring comfort, and have for many years.  My Hospice Life has taught me so very much;
from the emotional aspect, to the physical, to the spiritual.  “Pam, you have breast cancer”….What??? Me??
That can’t be possible, no way can it be happening to me.  But it was.
The overwhelming shock, the feeling of having the rug pulled out from
under you and being electrocuted all at the same time.  Little did I know at the time just how much
my Hospice work had prepared me for my temporary journey with the big “C”.

Previous Mammograms did not show cancer, although the lump
had been there.  I was informed all was
well, when in reality, the cancer was growing, albeit slowly.  Lobular carcinoma can only be found with a
biopsy and ultrasound until it gets to be too advanced.  That’s what happened to me.  The mass was too large.  I would need a full mastectomy. In thinking
back, my intuition was telling me it was something, but since I was told it was
nothing, I put it all out of my mind and went on with my life.   A second opinion and an ultra sound early on
would have prevented a mastectomy; something I’m now a huge advocate on.  Always
listen to what your body is telling you and be your own advocate!

So my temporary
journey with cancer began and I had some decisions to make.  I knew deep within my heart what path I was
NOT going to take and that was traditional chemotherapy and radiation.  As a hospice worker I have seen the after
effects of both and it’s not something my soul wanted!  Of course I did a great deal of praying for
guidance.  My spiritual background gave
me a huge amount of faith that whatever I chose and was guided to do, would be
for my highest good!  My mastectomy
surgery wasn’t planned for 6 weeks and I had already planned a trip to Hawaii
on a Spiritual Retreat and I knew it would give me some important inner healing
that would help me not only get through the surgery, but after as well.  I was also, through synchronicity, introduced
to a Japanese biochemist in my area who had his own cancer clinic at one time
and helped a lot of stage 4 cancer patients go into complete remission.  The fact that we were put together at exactly
the right time, I know in my heart it was divinely inspired.  This was just prior to going on my Hawaii
retreat.  His protocol involved some
heavy duty items and I sat and listened intently to all he had to say.  There was a part of me that feared his
protocol due to the fact it was very expensive, yet this was my life we were
talking about.  My very being screamed
out, Do it, this is what you have been guided to do!  Here is the answer you have been praying
for!  Thank God I had my friend Martha
with me for support.  Thank God she said,
“Pam, if this is what your heart is guiding you to, just do it and don’t worry
about where the money is coming from.
Trust it!”  In my heart I so fully
knew it was the right thing for me.  The
regimen included pancreatic enzymes, high doses of liquid vitamin C, coffee
enemas as well as other immune building supplements.  It also involved giving up animal protein and
dairy, with the exception of real butter, and getting my body alkaline.  I totally accepted this new way of eating and
living.  In fact my body responded so
well and I actually began to feel 100% better.
By the time I had my surgery weeks later, I have no doubt my fast
healing was a direct result of taking care of myself in a healthy and natural


I want to share a very
special message that I received while in Hawaii.  Many women had said to me, “how can you even
go to Hawaii knowing you have cancer?”
One even said, “if it was me I couldn’t wait to get that out of my body
and wouldn’t be able to sleep until I knew it was gone.”  I wanted to acknowledge it, and listen to my
body; I know it may sound odd but I thanked the Cancer for waking me up to
whatever it was that caused it to happen in the first place.  For me I KNEW I hadn’t been nurturing myself
throughout all my years of helping others.  Then I heard my huge message.  I still recall the one day I was standing out
among the lava rocks, on our way to Hana in Hawaii, when I heard a very loud
voice say, “You are NOT being torn apart, you are being put back right.” I
turned around and no one was there!  But
I knew it was a very special message to me coming from the universe, God, my angels,
guides, whatever you wish to call it, but I began to understand so much more
from that point on.


The surgery day
finally came..I had of course shed a few tears and grieved over what I knew I
would be losing.  But hey, it’s just a
breast right?  The surgery was over, they
had found some cancer in the sentinel nodes and took three more next to that to
be biopsied.  The doctor felt assured she
got it all.  I remember laying in that
hospital bed and knew in my heart and soul that I would never be taking chemo
or radiation.  My journey would be done
MY way.  I did the consults with the
oncologist and radiation doctors.  I just
couldn’t do it although they tried to instill fear, I did not take that
on.  My one big disappointment was while
at the oncologist office (It was breast cancer awareness month) I was astounded
to see so many sugary treats being handed out.
I even had a woman try and shove a cookie at me saying, “you know you
want this”.  What????  They KNOW sugar feeds cancer.  How in the hell can they offer such garbage?
She was saying how the patients going through chemo need some comfort foods and
that they intended to sugar them up and get them out of there.   That was the last time I stepped inside any
oncologists’ office.  


I chose to continue my
protocol as outlined for me which included remaining vegan, no sugar, working
on my stress level, exercise, hyperthermia, and my absolute belief system that
I was cancer free. I occasionally now will try wild caught salmon or halibut,
but that is rare.  It is now 18 months
later and I remain cancer free, all tumor markers are well below normal and I
feel healthier now than I have ever been in the past.  My outlook on life has also changed..  Although I was mostly a positive person
before, now I truly live to be alive.  I
take those trips I had been putting off, I’m doing those things on my bucket
list and always remind myself…Life is for living.  I truly did get a second chance and I plan on
taking advantage of every moment here on this Earth.  I still have some of those fears, but I am
working on them and freeing those chains that bound me before.  I don’t tell others how to walk their own
cancer journeys but if anyone wants to talk to me, I will share my own
experience.  The one important thing I
tell everyone who contacts me is this!
“Do your research before making any big decision”.  I also remind others, don’t let fear make
your decision for you!

Whenever anyone asks
me, “do you feel you made the right decision,” I am taken back to that day
where I asked myself the same question and shortly after that, a car pulled in
front of me while I was driving with a license plate that read….WEBEGLAD!  I smile as I recall that. It was my answer,
my proof that I truly did follow my own heart.
Always, always follow your heart…it will never steer you wrong…


Pam Sears

April 18, 2016


  1. Cristina Whitehawk on July 31, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Great post girlfriend. As of July 14, 2017 I am 4 years NED and not looking back. 🙂

    • Pam Sears on October 30, 2017 at 6:33 am

      So awesome!